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Living the good life isn't about making a lot of money, it's about being your own boss and doing things you love, being in the outdoors and tasks that change with the Season. We're Proud members of the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association.

This is Amanda number three. She's by far the prettiest of our Amandas, and she's a really Big Ham! She loves everybody, and is always ready to take a drive in her truck. Of course, she's not at all spoiled. Always thinking about her figure, she loves her Kong toy filled with Peanut Butter. She's a perfect companion and gives back all the love we give her in triplicate.


Winter's time for wagon rides with steam coming off the horses' hides, a fire in the fireplace, and maple candy made by drizzling warm maple syrup onto the snow.



We always loved going to the local fairs even when I was about as young as those young oxen I'm working with. My first team of oxen was this pair of Brown Swiss. That's Walon on the left and Willy on the right.



I've always liked to go fishing. We usually fish along the Cape Cod Canal for Stripers & Bluefish. I enjoy the quiet of fishing, although sometimes we get a bunch of us together and make a real party out of the day.





On the farm, nature and the turn of the seasons decide our schedule. Trying to keep a farm going in todays world involves some creativity on the part of the farmer. Maple syrup and honey go together ok, season-wise, but the greenhouse is something else. Sap's up just about when it's time to plant the cuttings in the greenhouse.





Handling bees isn't as bad as you'd think. You use a smoker to calm them before you collect the honey comb. Our honey is Wild Flower Honey.

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